Enhance your foundation's funding

Diversify your revenue sources

Recurring Income

  • Place our « Bite for the Cause! » fridges at your supporting retailers; 
  • Your partners will only have to bear the cost of managing the donations; 
  • Receive 50 % of the retail price;
  • Sachets of two marked apples;
  • An 8 ½’’ X 11’’ poster identifying you will be placed above each fridge;
  • We handle fridge management.

Payroll Contributions

  • Increase payroll contributions to your nonprofit organization; 
  • The employer gives employees an apple with your nonprofit organization's logo.

Golf tournaments

  • Offer a sachet of engraved apples at your nonprofit organization's tournament;
  • One of the apples could be your logo and the other, that of a sponsor.

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