Experience the vitality of your business

Tools of real added value for HR

Benefit from our "Health & Wellness" program

  • Offer your employees an apple a day;
  • We provide fridges (free of charge and without a contract) with UNWAXED apples 12 months a year.

Bolster your appreciation messages

Benefit from a new recruitment tool

  • Hand out an engraved apple with your logo at a career fair; 
  • Ask your employees to refer friends.

Increase potential of payroll donations

  • Offer employees an apple with the nonprofit logo.

Capture attention at events

Showcase your brand

Trade shows and fairs

  • Attract new clients and employees at your next trade show or career fair.
  • Offer them a branded apple. 

Golf tournaments

  • Place a sachet of two apples with your logo engraved on each one in every cart.

Chamber of commerce breakfasts

  • Leave participants with a good impression of your company.

Corporate meals

  • Impress your guests with your logo on each apple slice, as an appetizer or as a surprise on salads.

Do you want to propel your business?