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Story of the marked apple

Starting with the acquisition of a traditional orchard in 2003 in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, in the Laurentides region of Quebec, and after several international research trips, we quickly converted the entire plantation into a new, high-density structure with 18 000 dwarf apple trees. Naturally, the whole family took part in this great adventure, and now it focuses on Marked Apples.

The launch of Marked Apples in 2007 was, once again, the result of trips to Europe, where we researched apple laser engraving. The origin of apple marking dates back to the time of the crowned heads in France, where the image of the king or queen was reproduced on the best apples, using the sun, for royal consumption.

Today, thanks to laser marking, the idea of marked apples has been relaunched in France, Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand... and since 2007 we have been serving Canada and the United States!

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